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How about forgetting social media for a day and hang out to much exciting café with your family and barkada? No wifi, just all of you hanging out together and play board games while munching to a good food. I found a new café in Pampanga (first ever board games themed cafe in Pampanga) that will make your regular place to a unique one, let me take you to Board over Bored Café with Pampanga Bloggers Society! This café is a kid and kid at heart friendly that offers a huge variety of fun board games.  The place has a fun interior with cartoons, anime and computer games character. When you go up stair, the place is for a huge group of people and you will have a comfy  Japanese set up. Of course we decided to stay to the second floor for a at home comfy chill out. 

The place:

As you enter the place you will be welcomed by all the board games they have.We chose to play Cards Against Humanity Filipino version and we had a lot of fun!   

The food:
The food is the highlight of my Board over Bored Café experience. They serve their 8 different Forbidden Frappe, the usual frappe that is in a mason jar with different fun design. They also serve food with rice, pastas,salad, and appetizers so you have a lot to choose from.

Forbidden Fappes:
Enjoy eight different types of their frappe at a  very affordable price from Php125-Php150.
Sheriff of Nutella
White Myste-Oreo
Dark Myste-Oreo
Creme Bremelee
Vanilla Spyfall
Colt Espresso

Buffalo Wings 6pcs


My First Fries
Hands down my favorite. I love the overflowing cheese with a beef bits and bacon. I highly recommend this because I really enjoyed it. Oh the nachos is the bomb too!

Fish Parmegiana

Nacho Koro With Beff and Cheese

Board over bored is Qing’s Style approve!
I am recommending this café to all because it is a fun experience to forget social media and have a full family and barkada time.  It is a fun and new way to just live and laugh while enjoying a good food.
Board over bored is located at Padiz Bldg., Sto. Domingo, MacArthur Highway, Angeles City
(near Jollibee Sacred Heart Hospital)

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  3. That place looks super colorful and pretty

  4. the place looks so fun! love the interior, it takes me back to my childhood days, thanks for sharing <3

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  5. What a great cafe!
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  10. Lovely cafe and the food looks amazing!

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  11. This place looks amazing! I love the idea of this cafe and also the food looks so delicious!!

  12. The food looks amazing! I love visiting these cafes too ♥ I get to spend time with my friends, and play some board games. Just like how people usually do back in the days when there are no android or iPhones yet. Haha! Hope to hear from you soon!

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  13. This is so awesome. I love the idea of this place. It's good to take a breather now and then and play some board games.

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