Easy Halloween Outfit With Dresslily

Hi guys, its Qing and welcome to my blog!
I am a type of person that is not a Halloween lover but love to see Halloween-ish things. I never been in a Halloween party but wanted to share a simple and easy outfit that you can wear not just for your Halloween party but also on a casual day. This time I partnered with Dresslily to give you an outfit inspired by Mario of the game Mario Brothers and a vampire inspired outfit. 

First, Mario outfit is the easiest outfit I got here and one of my favorite character to do in Halloween, if I will have a chance to attend. Mario's outfit is easy to find and a lot of us have the basic pieces to re create or just come up something similar to it, which I did here. I barrowed ny brothere's re shirt and that's the day I realized I don't own any red shirt. *Haha!* An overall or jumper and a blck shoes to complete the look. Oh, I don't have a Mario cap but you can definitely make your own. 

Tshirt: Brother's

Next, is my vampy outfit. I went for dark here and I think any dark will be perfect for Halloween. If you don't want to cosplay character and want to be a more Halloweenish character you can be a vampire for a night. Just put on your dark lip and wear your all out black outfit. 


I hope this outfits will help you on your Halloween outfit. Enjoy!

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