Qing Travels: Dancing With 2016 The Giant Lantern Festival

December marks the month of The 2016 Giant Lantern Festival (Ligligan Parul in Kapampangan). As part of the media, I had a once in a life time opportunity to get up close and personal to all the giant lanterns that competes who will be the best among them all. Giant Lantern Festival is an annual festival and longt radition of San Fernando, Pampanga as being the Christmas Capital of the Philippines, home of all the giant lanterns, this is something that all Kapampangan are waiting for. Giant Lantern Festival is also the time where Kapampangan unites and show how creative they are. 

Modern day Giant Lantern was a religious activity in the past known as “lubenas”. It became 15 feet in size and becoming bigger and bigger which we see now today. With intricate details and colorful bulbs which added an illusion of dancing with modern song. It is an amazing experience to watch how it evolves from simple to extravagant lantern.


Champion: Brgy. Dolores (Hall of Fame)

Second: Brgy. Calulut

Third: Brgy. Sindalan

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