INDU': Looking Back To My Kapampangan Roots

INDU' Lifestyle is a Kapampangan clothing line that aims to outspread the Kapampangan (people in Pampanga, Philippines) culture through clothes and merchandise. I am indeed a Kapampangan but I can honestly say that I only know not even half what Kapampangan culture is. Visiting INDU' store and meeting the owner is such an amazing time because I learn so much from him. He talks about Kapampangan history and language in a passionate way which you can tell that he embraces the 100% Kapampangan culture. His passion for Kapampangan is the reason why INDU' Lifestyle was born.

INDU is a Kapampangan language which means "mother". INDU wants to imply that you need to look back where you came from, the culture and language that flows in you.

INDU has its famous shirts which are Damulag (carabao), STUNA Mars, Mapagal ne i pare ku, Kapampangan Nutrition Facts, and Samasan Mu, Sisig ke ing kayi mu. These shirts are based on his marriage life and experiences. Truly a brilliant mind!

They also have the DIPANINGALTee shirts, Dipaningalti is a Kapampangan expression whenever you are on a bad day. This line is a minimalist style shirt where every Kapampangan negative attitude is written. Like "mapamuysit" (bully) , "mayabang" (boastful) etc... Since it came out, people wanted something positive like "malagu" (beautiful) and "masanting" (handsome), the owner decided to create them too.

These INDU basics are one of their best sellers as of now because of the basic fashion trend and most customers are students. They tend to go for an easy to style clothing so they are always on the go without hassling to style so much.

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INDU' Lifestyle is located at 2nd Floor Bartmall, Angeles City (in front of Holy Angel University)

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