Qing Styling Rosegal Holiday Wishlist

This is a continuation of my Rosegal Holiday Wishlist and yes I got them! I am so surprised that all the items that I got are of good quality and the shipping is quite fast, it takes 2-3 weeks to arrived. First is I want to take a moment to appreciate the bag. This bag has been my go-to bag since it arrived on my doorstep, I used to at work and whenever I have events too. It is spacious so you can put all the things you needed. You can also style it to any outfit. 

I've been missing my student life lately and I am planning to go back to school and attend a one year course for methods of teaching. As I think about it I decided to go back to my student outfit styling and came up with this outfit. When I was a student I am a certified lazy outfit lover because I always run out of time. The shirt I am wearing has a comfy material and it goes well with the denim skirt. To make it more student like I wear my pink sneakers and accessorized with an eyeglass! For the cold days, I am throwing my oversized denim jacket because denim to denim is a good combo!

Skirt: Thrifted
Jacket: Lee
Shoes: Gifted

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Your stray kid,