Valentines Day Swagging With Zaful

Happy hearts day everyone!
With a few days away before the much-awaited hearts day, Zaful has a great deal for everyone that is perfect for couples and singles out there. Love Sale promotion for us we can shop until you drop!

I am also sharing what I do every Valentines Day and I also want to know how you spend your Valentines Day. Basically, this post will be a single lady Valentines Day edition.

Top: Stripes Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt
Bottom: Emoticon Patched Jogging Pants

Since Valentines Day is on a weekday, I will be busy working in the office. Yes, I am a workaholic kinda. As some of you probably know that I have a full-time job while blogging. I am pretty used to managing my time for work and blogging, though I am enjoying blogging than work. So, yeah pretty much I am at the office stressing about work.

For my pre-Valentines Day celebration, which is my day off, I'll be at home. Things I do at home is I am in front of my laptop of course blogging, replying to all my comments and answering email. All in all, I am spending 2-3 hours working on my blog depending on what are my pending post at the moment.

Okay, I am done at my blogging work, I am shooting for my outfit post for my sponsors and collaboration. My favorite time of shooting is from 1 pm to 5 pm, I love the golden hour the most because it gives me the perfect light that I need for my photos. I spent 3-4 hours when shooting then edit my photos so I can have a curated photos for the blog.

Then, it's dinner time and eats my basic dinner, get ready for bed then my favorite time is to watch anime and chill! I can spend my whole day just watching anime, maybe  I am addicted to it and I am not sorry for it.

And that is how I spend my Valentines Day Single Edition, basically, it will just be an ordinary day and just spending my regular routine for that day but what matters most is that you still be happy and enjoying life with what best works for you.

Have a great Valentines Day!

Your stray kid,