QingTravels Culebra Island Dasol Pangasinan

"Travel not to escape life, but so life doesn't escape you."
 I have been living my life in a constant routine, without knowing that I am missing a piece of my life. Struggling to live life to meet people's expectation and thinking I am good with this life. I have read a short phrase "invest your money with experience", this phrase just hit me. My 2016 has been not so good year for me, I blindly explore places because my goal is not to experience life but to satisfy expectation.

Most of the time I just laugh because I am too old not to experience a thing in my early age, yup! it's my first time do island hopping and realize where I have been all this time. I've been so alone all my life not depending on anyone, this travel I had with my blogger friend made me realize that life is not just a circle but a maze full of adventures. I am so blessed to meet passionate people and Culebra Island shows me that it is not too late to take chances.

Culebra Island is one of the stunning paradises I have been, nature speaks for itself. The clear water sparkles through the light of the sun and the clear sky will show you how big the earth is. This island is located in Dasol, Pangasinan, it is known that it was a home of snakes in the past. This island is 15-20 mins away from Tambobong beaches, you can rent cottages and explore the small island. 

You can bring your own food provided that you need to keep your trashes to preserved cleanliness of the island. You can also have an overnight stay in the island and bring your own tent which I want to do on my next visit. 

Mother Earth never fails us! The Philippines is truly amazing with its secret paradise that awaits us to explore!

Your stray kid,