Manila Food Trip: Love, Z Bakery And Patisserie

Craving for some sweets? I have your back, you guys! Love, Z Bakery, And Patisserie is a small place that serves all your sweet and bread cravings. This will satisfy your sweet tooth and you can also bring your family to this relaxing place.

Love, Z Bakery, And Patisserie is perfect for your afternoon me time (if you prefer) or spend it with your loved ones. I am a die hard fan of sweets and cakes so sorry but I am biased with this one, I love everything! Their specialty is black chocolate so expect that most of their cakes are not too sweet and some hint of that black chocolate. They used natural ingredients and sweetener in their cakes too.

This hot dark chocolate is my personal favorite because I am a sucker for anything dark chocolate.

Tea anyone?

Your stray kid,