Styling Sneakers With Rosegal

Sneakers are one of the comfiest shoes in the world, give me a pair of sneakers and I will conquer the world. (I always say) Styling the is also my forte, so I think I will share with you ways on how I style sneakers, that I got from Rosegal, this upcoming spring and summer.

White Sneakers

White sneakers are a staple, every woman have it and it will not go out of style. White and denim always go together, they are the perfect match in heaven whether it is shorts, pants or jacket. I always find them in perfect combination just like they are complimenting each other.

Top: Local Store
Shoes: Breathable Tie Up PU Leather Athletic Shoes - White
Denim Culottes: Thrifted
Sunglasses: Local Store

These white sneakers from Rosegal is definitely a must buy. It is a good steal, good quality and so comfy. I was surprised and not expecting that much. I love the sole it is so soft, you can walk all day without pain at all. I often used them since it arrived on my doorstep and everyone is complimenting whenever I wear them.

Faux Leather/Velvet Sneakers

I must say that this is outside my comfort zone but I am glad that I got them in this pastel pink color. I never thought that I will enjoy styling them. At first, I am hesitant to buy them but they remind me of the sneakers on Pinterest. I also didn't expect much from them but they are in good quality and they are cheap.

Top: Local Store
Shoes: PU Leather Breathable Tie Up Athletic Shoes - Pink
Shorts: Thrifted
Sunglasses: Local Store
Fedora: Local Store

The shoes are comfy and have a good material. I don't have any problem wearing them, just like a walk in the park com-finest.

Your stray kid,