Qing Travels: Ultimate Beach Adventure At Inflatable Island Ph

It is an amazing weekend for me because I had an ultimate beach experience at Inflatable Island Philippines, the biggest floating playground in Asia. The kid in me has never been this excited, not until Inflatable Island Ph has gone viral throughout social medias. This humongous floating playground has just been open for a week now and everyone is going gaga about it. (Well, me too!) Its opening is a perfect time for the summer season in the Philippines because your beach vacation would be more unique and exciting!

The floating playground is the biggest in Asia, as big as 8 basketball combined, decked out with exciting activities for an ultimate beach experience: slopes, slides, bridges, jungle bars, trampolines, monkey bars and anything your kid self-wants. You can avail a Php 699 (Php 799 for walk-ins) half day pass with 2 hours access to the floating playground and Php 1399 (Php 1499 for walk-ins) for a whole day pass.

For those who wants to chill and relax, you can experience lounging in their colorful Bali inspired lounge. Since I can't take the soaring heat of the sun I just took myself a relaxing time in the Bali lounge like a queen. I had a great time and fulfilled my heart's desire, and I must say it is perfectly Instagrammable!

Visit http://www.theinflatableisland.com/ for more info.

Your stray kid,