Ohmybagph: 3 Ways To Accent Your bag

I can't deny that I am a bag collector of any kind of style, from backpack to shoulder bags. One thing that I do with my bags is accessorizing them with pins or key chains to make them look cuter. One of the bags accessorizing trend I am seeing all over the internet, like Say even my Tita has it in her Long Champ bag. I think it is perfect ways to accessorize your bag this summer for that stylish look. These straps are so versatile that you can make a lot of creative ways to accessorize all your bags. I got this limited edition Tiffany straps from Ohmybagph that are perfect for my old black leather bag since it is already old there are some peeling on its handle that will soon be more damaging and it is not cute at all. This Tiffany straps will not just accessorize your bag but also will protect and cover the damage.

Since the handle is the first part of the bag that will be damage because of hand sweat which leather reacts and soon it will peel. The basic way is to wrap the straps around your bag handle and viola! Instant makeover!

To change it up a little bit and you are feeling all girl up, just tie a bow using the strap and it will instantly give you that chic and classy vibe.

The last thing I did which is just an impromptu way, I did a fishtail braid and tie it up to the end of the fishtail braid.  I can see a doll with a scarf though. 

An additional thing that I got is this dehumidifier pack of 3 that prevents my leather bags from molds and odor. Awesome!
Give all your bag some love and get all straps, dehumidifier, bag filler, bag shaper and bag stuffer at http://www.ohmybag.com.ph/

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