Chill Out At Vlounge

Night out is one of the best time to wrap up your entire work week, just chilling with good friends with cold drinks and of course some good food. Vlounge is a perfect place for that all night chill out, serving the best bear, liquors and best food. Every corner is cool, you can also play billiards and sing karaoke. The place has this surfer vibe with all the decorations in the place. It is nice place to chill out and spend time chatting with friends for as long as you like. 

Vlounge also serves delicious food perfect for your beer and cocktail. My personal fave is their chicharon bulaklak and maling stick! Their buffalo wings too is the best and they also serve healthy options of food. 

Your stray kid,


  1. lovely pics Quing!!!
    have a great week


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