Romwe: Velma Dinkley Inspired Outfit

I grew up watching cartoons and anime, well up to now I am still watching them. I always imagine myself a an anime/cartoon character and my friends always see me as Velma Drinkley because of my style. I love wearing sweater and always on my eyeglassess which is what Velma Drinkley of Scooby Doo always rocking. Her style is "GEEK" style and I can relate to that because I am a geek too. Romwe inspires me to creat an outfit that Velma Drinkley and I would prefer to wear. There are a lot of beautiful pieces to choose from even Velma Drinkley can shop till she drop! 

I choose the mustard yellow sweater with white stripes to make it more trendy that usual Velma's sweater. I think this maroon skater skirt is so perfect! High socks and red flat shoes because Velma and I is not a fun of high heels. Of course, we need that eyaglass for us to see!

If you were a cartoon character, who would you choose?

Your stray kid,


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