Big Bob Burger

I grew up loving burgers like every kid would love and now I am all grown up I can still say that burgers are the ultimate food that I really love. Wherever I eat in a cafe or restaurants if there is a burger in the menu I won't hesitate to order a burger. And a restaurant that specialized in burger will always on my radar, like Big Bob Burger in Guagua, Pampanga. I may be late in the news but still tasting all their best sellers is still something I would love to do. 

When you enter the place their quoted walls will welcome you and for me it is a great accent in a restaurant. I love the simplicity and yet so homey that all the family and friends would definitely enjoy. There are corners that are Instagram worthy too, well if you are into making your Instagram game strong. 

BBB (Big Bob Burger) Classic - P180.00
*This is their big burger maybe good for 4*

Their colorful and fun burgers are not so new for everyone but I think Big Bob Burger is the first one to introduce it here in Pampanga. The bread is not flavored and they taste like a bread and the bread is tasty and fluffy that has oatmeal sprinkled on top. *normal bread has sesame seeds on top* Presentation wise it is cool and well presented. One thing  that make a burger standout and different is the patty. Big Bob Burger has its own special recipe patty that I think is something they can call a signature patty. They make their own patty so definitely a must try for all burger lovers.

Grupo Fries (Cheese) - P100.00 , GPB (Grilled Pineapple Burger) - P90.00

If they have colorful burgers they also have colorful drinks. I love their fries too and their chicken wings have a yummy deep. 

DQCB (Double Quarter Cheese Burger) - P145.00

This Double Quarter Cheese Burger is my personal favorite, look at the cheese men!

Beefy Nachos - P150.00

Big Bob Burger
San Jose, Catalina P. Roberto Bldg. Purok 5, Fortuna, Floridablanca.
(near Pampanga Medical Specialist Hospital (PMSH))

Your stray kid,