Romwe: Travel Comfy Outfit

I am a bad traveler from packing to outfit but as time goes by, my life has a required me to travel every now and then. So learning the art of travel packing and styling has been my favorite subject. Going basic and considering the number one rule in styling, you will make your travel an easy breezy one. This is the basic or should I say essential outfit for travel. 

Bringing something to warm you up in a long travel is a must, jackets are not just to keep you warm but also you can style it in different ways. You can wear it or tie around your waist for that rad look. This nude pink bomber jacket is cute and will go along well with almost everything.


Not just for sun protection but also for covering up your big eye bags because traveling is exhausting and will make you look tired. When I travel, I don't like wearing makeup because a bare face is comfier than having a makeup. Sunglasses are your savior in this moment f your life. This yellow sunglasses are so trendy right now and it is one of the coolest trends I am loving.

Comfy Hoodie
A basic shirt hoodie is a perfect top for your long trips, comfy and basic.

The best footwear to wear anytime and anywhere, sneakers is hands down the comfiest to wear. The metallic details give that coolness vibe.

Huge Bag
Putting everything you need in your travel, a huge bag can carry on all the techs and necessities.

Drawstring Pants
Okay, a long travel requires a long time of sitting so bust out your comfiest drawstring pants. Drawstring pants are my go to pants because even you eat so much you don't need to unbutton anything.

Black Drawstring Waist Pants

So, what is your travel comfy outfit?

Your stray kid,