Cheap To Stylish: 50 Pesos Clear Aviator

Cheap To Stylish has been on my mind since the start of 2017, the idea came up when a lot of my friends are asking where I bought/how much most of my clothes and accessories, then I answer them "sa tiangge, 50 lang" they always like mind blown. If you have read my "about me" section, you will know where I start and why did I start this blog. I am always the "budget friendly fashion blogger" where I dress for less. My goal is always stylish without breaking the bank, I always love the challenge of dressing chic on a budget and it excites me. Sale and thrifting are my favorite kind of shopping, so I want to help you guys to turn your cheap finds to its stylish version.

First up, is this Php50 ($1) clear Aviator that you can find anywhere. A pair of eyeglass/sunglasses can bring that extra umf to any outfit, this clear aviator is one of my favorite on my eyeglass collection, it always gives me that "rad-ness" or coolness. For this look, I am going for a minimalist street style because it is the perfect style to go to for the aviator. Going all white for my base outfit, a simple white spaghetti top and white geometric shorts that have line details. I am wearing this black blazer for cover up and black creepers to complete the black and white minimalist outfit.
Here is a 90's look for more outfit inspiration. 

Top: Local Store (P50)
Shorts: Stylish Mid Waist Asymmetrical Printed Culotte For Women
Blazer: Thrifted (P50)
Aviator: Local Store (P50)

Remember that fashion is not about brand, it's about style.

Your stray kid,


  1. you look great and always so stylish! It's amazing what you can find at a thrift store!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Loving the outfit Quing!!


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