Romwe: Korean Style Back To School Outfit

Yey for back to school! How I wish I can go back to school and ignore adulthood. I sometimes get jealous when I see students hanging around with friends after school. How I wish I so relaxed back in the days so I will definitely enjoy my school life. Studying so hard is such an obligation to me, I still remember in my college days that I review for exams while at the jeepney. The fun part of my college days is when I was so exposed to fashion like I want to stand out and be a trendsetter at my university. My favorite day is Friday because it is our wash day, we get to wear our casual clothes and not our uniform.

Fast forward to this day's fashion, if I am still a student this would be one of my Friday Fashion. This style is a Korean inspired outfit which is so popular right now in the Philippines. Teens now, or even adults are so into K-pop and K-dramas. Koreans are well known in the fashion scene, they have one of the best fashion in Asia. To make it back to school appropriate, I make this outfit casual that everyone can wear. Jeans and shirts are my favorites when I was in college but shirts back in the days are not this cute. I love the pastel lining details making the shirt simple yet cute. Basic jeans are classic and mom jeans are the best pair of the shirt. A platform velvet shoes or black Oxford will look good on the outfit. Back to school won't be complete without a back pack, a cute rose gold clear eyeglass to look genius. When the sun is up, a bucket hat should be in your bag and they are a huge trend in Korea. A Korean casual outfit will not be complete if you are not wearing your cute socks, that I think will look cuter with the gray velvet shoes.

What would you wear on your back to school? Share it on comment box down below.

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  1. everything is just so cute! I love the pants and the shoes!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥


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