Cafe Expo for Otakus

Konnichiwa Otaku Nakama! I am so very stoked to find a cafe perfect for anime-lovers like me. Cafe Expo is a new anime-themed cafe, first in Pampanga, that everyone will need to check out. I have been dreaming to go to Japan and try to visit every anime themed cafe there and Cafe Expo brought a little piece of Japan.

As you enter to the cafe, a wall of Gaara of Naruto and anime symbols floor will greet you. A Colossal Titan and Kimi No Nawa (Your Name) ceiling will amaze you. Every corner is Dragon Ball Z, there this little corner where you can dine in at Capsule Corp. Also, a little corner for One Piece fan where you can dine in at Going Merry. Sugoi!!

My favorite corner is their anime figure collectibles, it is a three cabinets of Gundams, One Piece figures and many more! You can also enjoy playing games while eating and have fun!

Their menus includes frappe, iced coffees, latte art, donuts, waffles and nachos. The food will be serve by Luffy guys, though I am expecting for Kaneki Ken to make my coffee or my latte art. Since the cafe is just starting, they are still improving and growing their food choices. I would like to see an anime favorite food on their menu soon, it can be spicy burger that Boruto likes, Naruto Ramen perhaps? Or some simple food at Shokugeki No Soma? Or Takoyaki that Rambo's favorite will be yummy too! For dessert, it would be tasty if its a pudding that Prince Mackaroo's all time favorite. Anyway, I am so excited what would it be!

Visit them at 2nd floor Rice & Noodles bldg. B Mendoza St. Sto Rosario
San Fernando, Pampanga
Opens at 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Your stray kid,