Dresslily: Pastel 90s

I know everyone's number one fashion idol/stylist is mom, she's the first person to choose what you should wear and even when shopping clothes, she is in control. Seeing my mom's old photos I see her style a classic. Before I would say it is baduy but now I am appreciating her style back in the days. She is one of my fashion inspiration because she has that fashion sense that I like. I was born in 1989 and grew up seeing 90s fashion, I too wear 90s fashion and that 90s fashion in my veins is still here and still love creating 90s inspired look. I call this pastel 90s, kinda childish I know and a sporty type of style. The stripe top is like a baseball jersey but with light material, tied it up to make it more 90s. Pairing it with a highwaisted shorts and light blue flats. To give more pastel colors I am using this bag, OMG super cute!

Top: V-Neck Dolman Sleeve Striped Shirt
Bag:Canvas Color Block Backpack
Shoes: LacosteShorts: ThriftedSunnies: Local Store

Because Halloween is coming soon I am getting ready for my Halloween costume and been eyeing to buy some Halloween mask. Should I go for a masquerade princess this Halloween? What's your plan for Halloween? 

Your stray kid,