Nay's Ice Candy: Ice Candy As A Childhood Snack

It is so nostalgic in remembering my childhood days. A normal day for me as a child is playing and eating my favorite Pinoy snacks. As a child, my favorite time of the year is summer because it's vacation and I get to play all day, as much as I like. Summer is hot in a tropical country so samalamig, halo halo and ice candy is a must refreshment for all. Ice candy is a cheap Pinoy classic refreshment that every kid can afford and definitely will enjoy. It has a variety of flavors that the kid me is enjoying.

Fast forward to adult me, I am still enjoying ice candy and it is still available every summer. Ice candy is not just a kid favorite Pinoy snacks but also helped a lot of family by selling them, even to this day I can see a home that sells ice candy to sustain a simple living. There's this one entrepreneur who came up with Nay's Ice Candy, the mission is to help "nanays" to create a sustainable livelihood by selling the Pinoy classic snack at home. This livelihood is not just for Nanays but also for Tatays, Titas or anyone who wants to have extra income while at home. Nay's Ice Candy is a purpose-driven local business to help a community and family to have a sustainable living.

Nay's Ice Candy wants to make a positive change in our nation, one family at a time. They believe that poverty is not inevitable but entrepreneurship is the best solution. Through multiple family partnerships, they want to build a sustainable and profitable livelihood so that they can share their story, the reason for being and the advocacy to help a family to build their homes.

Nay's Ice Candy is not just want to help the family but also helps us to relive our childhood through Filipino dessert delights we grew to love. Their ice candy has a variety of flavors like chocolate, avocado, leche flan and bubble gum that every kid would really love.

Photo Credit: Juan Carlo & Michael James
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