Rosegal: Clean Pink

There are days that I have the minimalist mood and don't want to think too much of my outfit for a day. I have been building my wardrobe with plain colors to have more functional pieces that I can just mix and match because basic pieces are so easy to style. In this outfit, I am just wearing whatever I can pull from my closet and I always put some extra effort on accessories or shoes/sandals. This pink top will be my new fave top and the shorts is the comfiest shorts I have right now. If you remove the sling bag and sunnies here I would look super plain. The goal here is to look a little bit of "girl boss" by just adding fancy details on the outfit. The sling bag will give you a "sosyal/pangmayaman" vibe together with the sunnies that I am currently obsessing with.  I am wearing my white slip on because it will the perfect for the whole outfit.

What's your lazy day outfit?
Top: Cropped Top - Pink
Shorts: Casual Elastic Waist Solid Color Shorts For Women - Black
Slip on: Faux Leather Flat Heel Square Toe Slippers
Bag: Oasis
Sunnies: Local Store

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Your stray kid,