Rosegal: Sprinkle Some Pins

Putting some eye candy in any outfit gives it that extra cuteness to any outfit. This pin trends have been around the corner and I am obsess. My favorite accessories in my boring denim jacket and give it some face lift. Most of the time I am  putting pins in any plain clothing, bags and caps, it is a great way to spice things up. You can restore your old favorite bags and sprinkle some pins on it. 

Pins in Denim Jacket: Funny Heart Cat No Brooch Set
Pins in Cap: Cactus Coconut Tree Hotel Brooch Set - Green
Pins in bag: Ice Cream Drink OMG Lips Brooch Set
Jacket: Buttoned Front Ripped Light Blue Denim Outerwear
Cap: Ice-Cream Color Suede Baseball Hat - Gray
Bag: Cat Print Canvas Backpack
Shoes: PU Leather Breathable Tie Up Athletic Shoes - Pink

This pins are also perfect for back to school, you can change pins anytime by mixing and matching on your mood. You can get a great deal at Rosegal summer 2017 Promotion and use code RosegalChen or RosegalIns for 10% to 20% OFF.

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  1. I love how casually cool this outfit! you look great and I too love adding pins (and patches) to clothing. It makes the outfit a lot more fun!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

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  8. Cute pins!


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