Qing Travels: 1K Budget Travel Challenge: Bataan

Photo by aroundthemetro.ph

In the modern day generation where everyone’s lifestyle is traveling, Project81 and next to the world. That is why being a traveler is always anyone’s dream. But when reality strikes, to sustain the traveler’s lifestyle there are big things to consider, time and money. Realizing it, it is one big commitment, like us in Pampanga Digital Influencers one member of our group, Camille of Adventures of Camille came up with the idea of trying out the 1000 travel challenge which we know that a lot traveler done it already and not new to everyone but trying it out for ourselves makes us cringe and excited.

First, plan the itinerary, Ms. Armela of arounthemetro.ph made our itinerary for the challenge and the destination is Bataan! Considering our location, Pampanga, Bataan is a perfect place to do it for the first time.

Pack before you leave. Here is my tip for packing:

  • Try to pack light, since this is just a day tour itinerary.
  • Bring one extra set of clothes, you might want to swim to Claubel Resort (Hawla Beach)/Sisiman Beach or a change of clothes after your trek.
  • Bring water (a must) and trail snacks
  • If you are more like me, bring necessary toiletries (i.e alcohol, wet wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste, sunblock)
  • Lastly, wear your comfiest clothes. (long sleeves button down to protect your skin from the sun, sunglasses, and hat)
Now you are ready, let’s go!

Our meet up time is 5am at San Fernando Intersection, from there we wait for the bus going to Mariveles (6am), the fare is P179.00, ETA is 9am to Mariveles Bus Terminal. A few minutes’ walk to Mariveles Public market to buy food and things we need. We decided to cook our own food which I don’t recommend, just buy your food to a carinderia which is cheaper and you don’t need to bother yourself in cooking your food, plus you can taste local homemade food when you buy to a carinderia.

Claubel Beach Resort (Hawla Beach)
How to get there?

  • From public market, ride a Balon jeep and tell driver to drop you by at Hawla beach, fare is P8.00 (you need to walk at least 10mins to get at Claubel Beach Resort (Hawla Beach)
  • Entrance Fee: P60/head with cottage / P100/head without cottage 
  • Cottage fee: P500

To get to the resort you need to go down about 15mins walk on stairs. Once we get to the cottage, we had a little break then got ready for the trek to see Five Fingers. From the resort to the cliff it is a 20mins-30mins trek. Trek is just easysimpl so anyone can do it. Touched down to the cliff where you can see the breathtaking sea horizon and Five Fingers of Mariveles. On the other side of the cliff, you will see a shore that locals are enjoying and there is a big rock there where you can climb for the Instagram travel photo.

Photo by byahecho.com

It's time to go back to the resort and prepare our lunch, we grilled bangus and chicken. The owner of the resort is so kind that she let us borrow the things that we need for cooking. After lunch, we enjoyed the beach and watch some big waves. 

Okay, time to prep up for the second destination, Sisiman Beach!

How to get there?
  • From Claubel Beach Resort, walk back to Perto Circle and ride a jeep to the terminal going to Basco, fare is P11
  • From Basco, ride a tricycle going to Sisiman Beach, the fare is P12/head.
  • Need to walk 10 mins to get to the Lighthouse and San Miguel Peak.

Two kids welcome us at Sisiman Beach, they are friendly and knows the place for a young age. As you get near to the beach you can see the humongous rock, the San Miguel peak and near the peak is a lighthouse. You can climb the peak but you need to consider the weather because it gets slippery. Okay, what to expect? The reality is that the beach is open to the public so let's consider that it is crowded and noisy. Hoping that locals will maintain the beach. Public comfort room? it's a no! Comfort rooms are not well maintained so I don't recommend to swim there. But the scenery is so pretty, it is a good choice to go there while the sun is setting. 

We did not to wait for the sunset and we decided to go the extra mile and visit Balanga City.

How to get there?
  • Go back to the highway, ride a tricycle going to the market, fare P70.
  • From the market, ride bus going to Balanga, fare P80.
  • Drop off point is the highway going to Balanga and you need to ride a tricycle going to the park, fare P60. *the park is not a good idea so we decided to go back to the city proper*. Park to city proper, ride tricycle again, fare P10/head

Balanga City didn't fail us with the amazing old classic building. The prettiest Robinsons Mall and the church is so stunning blending into the beautiful sky. After appreciating the finest beauty of Bataan, it is time for dinner. So we went all out with dinner and got lucky at the buy 1 get 1 of Meats and Match. Chow time and need to go back to Pampanga (San Fernando), the fare is P99/head.

ALL Expenses ( a group of four):

Doing P1000 travel challenge is a success! and traveling with friends is more fun! Saan ka dadalin ng P1000 mo? Let me know if you have tried this challenge so we can try it too for our next destination!

Your stray kid,