Gamiss: Forever

My Life has been ups and downs these past few months but still thankful for all the people who still believe in me. October is my birth month and this year marks my 28th. There are good things and some annoying things of being in my near 30th. The good thing is that I look young for my age, a compliment maybe? The annoying thing is everyone wants me to be married. Well, being married at 28 is just a society's preferences I would say. Anyway enough of the marriage, there are 28 things I am thankful for:
Top: Thrifted
Pants: Fashionable Solid Color Skinny High-Waisted Jeans For Women - Azure
Bucket Hat: Letters Embroidery Cartoon Pattern Bucket Hat

1. Family as my number fan.
2. My nephew who I always miss.
3. Friends who bother me and misses me all the time.
4. Blogging that has been a part of me since 2014
5. Qing's Style, one of the thing that I can say "mine" and I am doing this for myself.
6. My blogger group, best people who share the same passion as mine and motivates me all the time in my blogging journey.
7. Anime for making my childish heart beating.

8. Fashion for making my creative juices running.
9. Travel for making me explore places.
10. Workmates, without them I won't enjoy my work.
11. Enemies who don't believe in me and thank you for judging me, I am stronger than before.

13. To all my readers for reminding me that I have something to share.
14. Sponsors for making me to just keep on going.
15. Manga for making me love reading.
16. Random thoughts for making my bored moments interesting.

17. Being single for making me realize that I can stand on my own for 28 years.
18.  To the guy, I am in love with for making me believe in love again.
19. To all my friends who unfriended me for making me realized that there are people in my life that will come and go. 
20. Problems for making me stronger. 
21. Struggles and challenges for making my life worth to live. 
22. This bucket hat that says FOREVER, that goes perfectly with...
23. This thrifted oversized shirt.and pairing it with...

24. This denim pants that I DIYed to have a raw hem.
25. Gamiss Autumn 2017 Promotion for a great big discount
26. GamissChen for 10-20% discount.
27. Time for giving me a moment to think chances and choices so I won't regret things.
28. Lord, for always listening to me, blessing me with the things I need and for always guiding me.

Your stray kid,