Hello Lemon!

I have never been this in love with a bag, the cutest bag I have seen so far. Look at my lemon bag! So kawaii. I am in my fashion moment where I am into sling bags and been wanting to have a little collection. Dedicating this post for sling bag appreciation. Sling bags are my least favorite bag back in the days because I am an over packer person. I am throwing everything in my bag even if it's not needed in my entire day. I know I am not the one like this and hoping a lot will relate to me too. Styling them too is a big challenge for me because I am not used to styling them. Seeing a lot of fashionistas rockin' them makes me want to challenge myself to incorporate them into my style. I started with a simple sling bag that I styled in my Clean Pink article to start over and now I am into styling different kinds of a sling bag. This lemon sling bag is such a cutie, this would be more appropriate in a girly style and can also be styled with other looks because it's white, a color that is easy to work with. 

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Top: Topshop
Pants: Slit Leg Low Rise Embroidery Jeans - Light Blue
Bag: Drawstring Color Block Faux Leather Bucket Bag - White
Slip-on: Faux Leather Flat Heel Square Toe Slippers

Here I am wearing body-hugging/body fit pieces rather than my usual loose clothes. Being a size 12 is a challenge to style body fit clothes because not everything will look flattering on me. I am wearing this stripes body suit to tame down the details on my pants. My pants have loud details like in your face patches and my favorite detail is the slit leg, very unique and perfect for my height. I am wearing my white slip on to match my lemon bag. Creating this look is fun for me, have you have a fashion moment too? Let me know how would you style your favorite sling bag!

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Your stray kid,