Zaful: Onsen

Japanese fashion has a big part in my fashion ideas. Japanese fashion is probably the most inspiring fashion, for me. I have a big interest in their culture and tradition, most of the time I am always searching for their ancient Japanese fashion. Kimono is one of their traditional clothes and modern time has been adapting this Kimono fashion. I am hands down one of the kimono collectors because I am a big fan of samurais. I love how cool samurais are, form their sword to their outfit. Sounds weird but yeah I love being weird.

Top: Local Store

This whole outfit is inspired by Anna of Shaman King, her brave and strict attitude is what I like about her. Her love for Yoh is something I admire her the most. Her weird dream to become an Onse owner is something I find it interesting and I am becoming one. Hi, this is Qing, an Onsen owner. 

Your stray kid,