Zaful: Poor Boy

Bringing the monochromatic style on a gloomy day. Wearing this oversized button up that screams monochromatic. I love the grid details which is perfect if you want to go all out in a black and white outfit. It is a big challenge to style this button up in any other style so I keep on the b&w palette by busting out all my blacks and white to create this look. I love putting on oversized button down with my super basic clothes or the so-called "pambahay" outfit. Throwing this button up will change the whole outfit by adding an edgy vibe. To keep on the edginess I am wearing my black creepers and putting on my poor boy hat to hide my bad hair day. 

How would you style this button up? Let me know so I can be more creative in styling it.

Top: Thrifted
Shorts: Mid-Waist String Lace Spliced Shorts
Button Up: Long Pocket Button Up Plaid Shirt - Black

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Your stray kid,