Zaful: Camayan Escapade

Bringing summer in December is not a bad idea. The December sun in my tropical country is still quite hot and I am thankful for it. This short summer escapade lets me escape a weekday work and just relax. I just realized that I am still not too old to explore places that I am just seeing people visiting and I am super thankful for that.

This day tour, actually I should say half day tour, at Camayan Beach Resort is a super short adventure. The resort is 3hrs away from home so it is just a light pack and comfy outfit day. Busting out this floral button up that I've been wearing a lot lately because it has that soft material perfect for this short summer adventure *in December*. Pairing it with my "super" favorite shorts that I am always wearing every single time. Slippers are also perfect for this trip and accessorizing with Casio watch and colorful bracelets.

Top: Stripes Floral Shirt - Black
Shorts: Casual Elastic Waist Solid Color Shorts For Women - Black
Slippers: Local Store
Bracelets: Camiguin
Watch: Casio

Your stray kid,