Gamiss: Styling Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are my favorite outer wear pieces. It gives you extra radness in any look. I've been a fan of athliesure lately and I think bomber jackets are perfect pieces to incorporate in the look. I you were me, how would you style your bomber jackets?

Let's talk about this red bomber jacket, I am seeing that color red now is so trendy and I am into it. I love the details on the sleeves because it gives you that racer jacket feel. I wore this at the office and they started to sing and dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller. *Haha!* Others, called me Lightning Mcqueen, they are cute though. Being into comfy side of look lately, I always wearing my leggings from, I super like the mesh details. The shirt is from INDU, it is a local brand in my province and supporting them is my pleasure. A good white sneakers is a perfect shoes for the whole look.

Jacket: Plaid Panel Long Sleeve Jacket
Tshirt: INDU
Leggings: Women High Waist Yoga Fitness Leggings Running Gym Stretch Sports Pants Trousers
Shoes: Breathable Tie Up PU Leather Athletic Shoes - White

On the second look, I went for a muted color. Grey and white is a perfect match, the bomber I am wearing on this look is so comfy! And it is versatile pieces, you can create so many looks with it. I like that the sleeves are shorter that the normal sleeves of a bomber, you don't need to fold the sleeve, a heaven sent for a short arm like me. Pairing it with my white Cebu shirt that I got on my recent Northern Cebu trip which has all the tourist spot that a must visit in the province. Of course, obssessing over with mesh leggings and a white sneakers. Need to be nerdy here so I accesorized the whole look with an aviator eyeglass. 

Top: Island Souvenir
Jacket: Back Cartoon Tiger Pattern Long Sleeve Jacket - Gray
Leggings: Women High Waist Yoga Fitness Leggings Running Gym Stretch Sports Pants Trousers
Shoes: Faux Leather Embroidery Athletic Shoes

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Hope you like it!

Your stray kid,