How To Survive Valentine's Day Being Single

Before anything else, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! It is again love month and it is a fact that your (our) love life isn't what you'd like it to be so for us Valentine's Day is just another day in the calendar. I always spend Valentine's day being single and I always survive the battle, so here are some ways *which I think will be helpful* to spend your Valentine's Day as a single.

1. Ignore that it is Valentine's Day.

To make it easier and simpler let's treat Valentine's Day an ordinary day, ignore the fact that it is a day for couples. Go on with your everyday routine like treating it as an ordinary day. If you are working *because it is a weekday*, just do your work and get busy, the good thing is that your day at work is a productive day. No more too much work load the next day.

2. Enjoy and treat yourself.

Why not give yourself a love? A good relaxing spa after your hard work at the office because you are trying to ignore it's Valentine's Day. *Hahaha* Make and feel beautiful at salon or shop some new clothes to update your wardrobe, I think that would a great treat!

3. Ask your single friends out.

Hello? Remember that you are not the only single in your barkada. *you are unlucky if you are the only one, jk* Have a coffee that with all the single squad and talk about how would you win boys or girls heart so the next Valentine's Day you will be spending it the one.

4. Spend the day with your family.

This is always be my go-to survival way, always remember that Valentine's Day is a day of love. You can have love with your family, they are the one who first love you and will always love you.

5. Host a Galentine's Day

Yasss! Party with your constant girls! Have a pajama party with a pampering day, love month will be so nice and fun with your girlfriends. 

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I hope you find this helpful and will give you ideas on how to survive Valentine's Day!

Your stray kid,