Qing's Style Turns Four!

Yey! I am four years old!

So what inspires me to be a fashion blogger? I can still clearly remember it was our acquaintance party *as a freshman in my new university*, I have this dress that my mom gave me and I don’t know how to style it so I decided to search on google and there is so many outfit inspiration, I was so overwhelmed. At that moment, I always search for an outfit inspiration, even a plain shirt I owned I always find inspiration so I can be more creative in styling. That is the time where I change my sense of fashion, I learned how to be creative, resourceful and think out of the box. One day, when I was just scrolling looks I bumped into a platform where you can post your outfits, it was like a treasure box for me and met so many fashion bloggers in one place. Yes, that what inspires me to be a fashion blogger, it is not because it is glamorous but because it “helped” me a lot. They influenced me to find my passion and that is fashion. I was so inspired!

Top: Layered Sleeve Scalloped Embroidered Blouse - White
Shorts: Ruffle Hem Checked Pocket Shorts - Checked
Earrings: Circle Tassel Hoop Earrings - Light Pink

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Then it grows more and more in me every day and I want to become one who can also inspire even one girl who is like me back then. I decided to become one but in one condition, I need to graduate on my BS degree before I will start a blog. As my graduation is getting near, I prep myself, study Blogspot, HTML, thinks of the name and read a lot of articles so I can know the essentials/basic of blogging. Four years ago this year I clicked on the publish button and it is the first time I did something for myself, I was so happy and proud. I wanted to be a fashion blogger and that is for sure, it is the first time ever in my life that I wanted to be someone, someone who can share something or someone who can be an inspiration to people even just for a moment. I am not a good writer, I always have grammar error and find difficult to construct a good sentence to deliver the thought clearly. I am terrible at this. This blog has been a secret for almost 2 years, I am not ashamed but I just don’t want to be in an awkward moment because it is an unusual thing to do for others. Maybe I am kind of shy about it with my friends and colleagues because it will be funny for them. Yup, I was teased about it when they found it out, sometimes it hits me hard and gets so sad because people around me don’t understand what I am doing. Well, it didn’t affect me so much though, actually, it helps me grow through the years.

It was a struggle being a one-man team for my blog, glad I am doing well up until now. Ahhhh… so many years have passed and I am still passionate. What keeps me going? Well, as a blogger the best payoff is that even just one person will thank you because you give her a look that inspires her, that’s what keeps me going. Also, meeting people with same passion and motivates you to become more and grow more is the most awesome part. Big thank you to all the people and community. 

Since it is a plus year for me *and more years to come* celebrating this moment with new headshots that you can expect to press headed my way this year. Since mid-last year, I decided to share my blog more “budget friendly OOTDs” and outfits that are affordable *without breaking the bank*.

More travel: Yup definitely! I have decided to travel and explore more places, of course, I want to share the awesome experience with you guys. Expect wanderlust post from Qing’s Style. Travel outfits, essentials, and tips that I think will help you in a simple way.

Thrift Styling Story: Most of us fashion-forward girls love thrift shopping and I am definitely a thrift styler. This will be great for your budget-friendly outfits but wait I will make a twist so please stay tuned. 

More budget OOTDs: I am cheap. I love the sale and affordable clothes but still, want to look stylish. Of course, I will share with you guys all the deals! 
4. Style Hacks: I want to share my style hacks especially to those chubby girls out there like me. I want to spread body positivity, embrace your body and wear clothes that will surely make you confident.

Beauty Tips and Makeup: Okay, I will try my best to share my beauty secrets *Haha!*, products I am loving and how I do my makeup.

Getting personal: I think I need to be more vocal and share my thoughts in life, love, struggle, lessons etc. It will be great right?
All right! I am looking forward to more years to come and it was a great year for me! Thank you, guys!

Your stary kid,