Zaful: Twisted Sweater

How to beat the cold and still looking pretty? Here is a one sweater style that is loved by all fashion forward girls. Beating the cold weather makes you just want to be on the bed and get lazy. In your running errands day you will just get out of bed, throw your jackets and go on your day. Hey! Lets make your outfit cute and stylish while battling the cold outside. This twisted sweater is God's sent, they are just simple yet so cute and the best part they are so warm. The knitted material is so soft and comfy to wear. If you want to go simple and get the sweater that can be paired to anything, get this brown twisted sweater, plain and simple. It would be perfect in a black leggings and sneakers or skirt and boots. 

Sweater: Twisted Sweater V Neck Twisted Back Sweater - Khaki
Pearl Sweater: V Neck Twist Pearly Sweater - Pink
Shorts: Embroidery Elastic Waist Wide Leg Shorts - Black

What if you are in a girly mood, you can style this pink pearled twisted sweater. The pearl details gives more of a classic and more feminine vibe to your outfit. Pink color will give you extra femininity. You can also style it with a light washed high waited denim pants and white sneakers. Other option can be a dress and wear the sweater on the top, white boots will be perfect if you are in snowy place. Since I am in the tropics, I need to balance the outfit to my temperature so a shorts will be perfect for it... and... choosing to just be lazy for this day. Making my day a little extra by just dressing up. Who else do this? (*.*)

Your stray kid,