Be Summer Ready With Outpost Life + Style

Let me virtually shout that summer has arrived! 

The most exciting season for me is summer even though it will be hot every day. What makes me excited about summer? Of course, summer fashion and beach! I have been planning to update my summer wardrobe but don’t want to break my bank. Glad that I have found Outpost Life + Style Store, it is the first concept store in Pampanga which is located inside a shopping mall. It aims to provide a well-curated marketplace for a unique selection of products. Highlighting up and coming young designers (such as Kaile, Pampanga based designer) who aims to widen their brand exposure and to support local entrepreneurs. You can find a huge variety of brands that will surely fix your summer needs. From clothes, accessories and makeup, you will definitely enjoy shopping in the store.

Let's be summer ready and get your summer dibs only at Outpost Life + Style Concept Store! Score some affordable items with its partner brands.

Summer Trendy Clothes

Of course, summer won't be complete without your most stylish outfits and without sacrificing the comf. You can choose a huge variety of trendy pieces from brands that offer a really summer curated clothing like Andy's Closet, M&M Fashion, D' Collection, Kaile Clothing, Streetwise Hub for boys, Daenerys and a lot more. 

Accesories and Bags

To tie the whole look or to give some umf to your outfit, accessories and bags are the best way to turn your look from one star to ten. You can definitely get the summer accessories that you've been wanted. A tassel earrings from Mad About Details, they always have new collections and new style of earrings. Bows from Alexandriaz Closet for your hair accessories, EITC Jewelries if you love dainty necklace and bracelets. You can also accessorise your phone with summer accented phone cases from Bonnaple. At the store, you can choose bags with your likings, the trendiest Bali bag on Instagram from Cabbagewhite, classy bags form Classy Bag Ph and cute pouches are available too!

Makeup and Skincare Products

Yass makeup! You can grab your favorite Korean products here like April Skin and Laneige. There are also drugstore makeup brands where you can buy cheaper than the original price. Skincare products are so many to choose from and always remember that with good skin care you can have the best canvass for your makeup. Grab you Korean skincare from Twirties PH and Coreanas or if you love organic get your skincare from Organic Beauty Lab and Beauty Secret Ph. 

Travel/Beach Essentials

Want to hug the ocean and explore places? If yes, you need those travel essentials to make your travel easy. Get your bamboo toothbrush from The Bamboo Company, pouches to have an organized travel bag, Beach Born products for that beach hair and swimwear from Eika Swimwear!

Health & Wellness

To have that body goal this summer you need to eat healthy so grab your healthy tablea de cacao at 4T8B Farm. To get the body curve you want to so grab some waist trimmer from Bair Intimate. Please remember that you also need exercise and have a healthy diet to achieve the body goal you want.

To welcome the summer, Outpost Life + Style is having a summer sale up to 50% Off! Yup, that’s right you can get your summer needs in a much affordable price. Plus, they are celebrating International Women’s Day so they are also having a sale for all the boss babes out there.

Your stray kid,