Rosegal: Proud To Be

What make you proud? One of my answer to this is being a Kapampangan, I am proud of my province and I am proud that I am living in a place where everyone can find food, a delicious food. We are not blessed with beautiful beaches but I am considering my home is rich, rich with people that are living happy. 

Cap: Corduroy Thick Stripe Adjustable Baseball Cap - Red
Bag: Straight Line USB Charging Port School Backpack - Black
Shirt: INDU
Shoes: Nike
Skirt: Thrifted

This shirt is a home grown brand form Pampanga that is truly Kapampangan. Created by an creative and talented Kapampangan, that makes me so happy to support locals. To style it different from the usual denim pants, I choose to pair it with a denim skirt that I thrifted a long time ago. Since I am obssess with red right now, I am putting on a corduroy cap and pair of Nike shoes. Since I will be working on my blog and decided to work in a cafe, this bag really awesome. You can put on everything that you need from laptop to camera and lens. Awesome!

Your stray kid,