Sammydress: Young Tita Look

What is the sign that you are already a tita? Maybe age? or maybe you are enjoying hearing the radio rather than your playlist? Or you can see it on your looks. Here are the basics/starter pack of a tita, one big bag, basic clothes and comfy footwear. Manang tita look is so ancient so there are a lot of new tita look trends roaming around the internet. Of course, I am jumping into the bandwagon so here is my take on the tita look the young version.

Bag: Canvas Zipper Shoulder Bag
Cardigan: Zaful
Top: Local Store
Shoes: Faux Leather Embroidery Athletic Shoes
Shorts: Casual Elastic Waist Solid Color Shorts For Women - Black
Sunnies: Local Store

Putting all together the basic essentials of tita fashion, big bag check! I can't leave the house without my "bahay", that means you have to have all the things you just want to throw in your bag, sometimes it is not needed anymore you just want it on your bag. I am a big fan of 40% isoprophyl alcohol (big size) and two kinds of wet wipes (ordinary and with alcohol) so definitely I need a spacious bag. This bag is in perfect size for me and the length of the strap too is the right length for me. I am amazed with its sturdy stitches and the material is in good quality. Comfy clothes, check! Wearing my ultimate favorite shorts and a simple white top to tone down this statement/bold cardigan that I got in a giveaway. It is comfy and being a tita, my enemy is the coldness so I have to have a cardigan or anything that will make me cozy. Comfy shoes, check and sunnies to protect my eyes from the sun.

What's your take on the Tita Look?

Your stray kid,