Qing Travels: What I Learned In My First Solo Travel?

I am an epitome of a “dependent person”, a family oriented that depending all my needs with my family. Travelling solo is not something for me *that's what I thought*, I thought I don’t have the courage to travel alone in a place where I am not familiar with. I always believe that travelling with family or friends is the most exciting and enjoyable travel. *and I am still a believer* But it came to a point that I wanted to travel and no one is available to come along with me. Frustrating but I composed myself and decided to do it… and why not to try… solo… alone. This 2018 I wanted to save and travel, I am nearing to my 30th so why not go with what I am not able to do when I was younger. That is why I choose to travel so when I reach my old enough self I can be more satisfied with my life. So here I am solo traveling the Northern part of Cebu and here are the things that I learned in this journey.

Being Independent again.

I can be independent in other things but solo travelling gives me a new face of being independent. I made my own itinerary, research to have an idea and get familiar with the place. It takes a lot of bravery to explore an unknown place and thinking that you are all by yourself makes me nervous but excited. When I am thinking of the flight and travel time makes me ask myself if I can do it and it took a great courage to convince myself to continue the journey. I am glad I did it! I felt the freedom of travelling solo and just mind your own business making your planned itinerary a success. It was a great experience for me and realized that it is not yet too late to explore, conquer and discover the places independently.

Be ready and equip yourself.

Research is the main key. I need to at least have an idea with my destination and make the travel as smooth as possible. It may not be perfect but still you are ready for all possibilities. I remember that most of my friends are telling me to just go because unplanned adventures are the most exciting, but I disagree. Your travel takes a lot of effort, money and time. Earning the money gave you struggle and stress from working hard. This travel is a reward for yourself so make sure you will have an amazing and one of a kind experience!

You will surely meet new souls.

And that is for sure! I met a group of friends on my way to Malapascua Island and two on my Kalanggaman Island tour. Since I am planning to make this solo travel a literal solo travel, I failed, but it was one of the highlight of this travel. Meeting new friends along the way and sharing travel experiences.

It’s not yet too late.

Solo travelling at 28, hey that's me! As you aged, things you didn't do when you were still young is too late to do it. Nope, I think for me it was the right time, the right time to appreciate things that you don't have way back in the younger days. In my age, I am more appreciative and I am sure travelling at 28 is the right time for me. I am more thankful and overwhelmed with all the places I want to visit. One of the best first in my life.

I had self-fulfillment.

Yes, definitely! Having a great travel is such a great adventure. Fulfilling the travel you want so badly is so satisfying and you can say that "Life is good."!

Have you tried solo travelling? Let me know your story! :)

Your stray kid,


  1. you've found paradise!
    i would love to to try solo travel as well,
    i needed some time off.

    ❤ Ms. Kei


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