Qing Travels: Camiguin Island

Mambajao Park

This is my most spontaneous travel, no plans, and zero itineraries. This travel should be a Siargao travel as a birthday gift for myself but it ended up that all flights are canceled because of a typhoon. I was so frustrated and sad but I don’t want to ruin my long weekend travel. One of my colleagues has planned a travel with their family and her flight is same with us so I asked her if we can join her, then she said yes! It was a relief. The travel destinations are Cagayan De Oro – Bukidnon – Camiguin, and my spontaneous travel has started.
Whitesand Island

Our flight is at 10:30 pm and of course it was delayed, we boarded the aircraft at 12am, yes it was a 1.5-hour delay. We arrived at airport around 1 am and my colleague’s cousin and uncle are waiting to pick us up. We have a 45mins travel from airport to her relative’s house, all her relatives are asleep when we arrived. We freshen up and call it a day.

Old Church Ruins

Next morning, we woke up at 5am and we started our journey to the port, it was a 2 hours land travel and it is raining when we arrived at the port. Also, we didn’t have to the ferry early so we waited for the 11am schedule. While waiting we had our breakfast at a near carrinderia. Then, the ferry arrived and we hop on to the ferry for our 1-hour ferry ride (fee is P170/head and 1000 for the van). As we get near the island is getting bigger and beautiful, Camiguin Island is definitely a beautiful place, it was green like a big chunk of broccoli floating in the middle of the ocean. The travel is not that boring, it was a fascinating one actually. 

Okay, touchdown to Camiguin Island! We hop on to our van and it rains so hard and checked in to our resort (put resorts name), put down our things, eat lunch at the near carrinderia from our resort and continue our land journey in the Island. 

We covered most of the major spot of the island, it is nice to have your own van for the land tour because it is more convenient. But if you are solo traveling, you can book a motorcycle for the land tour. After we wrap up the land tour, we head over back to the resort, eat dinner and call it a day so we can have enough energy for the island hopping.

Mantigue Island

Sunken Cemetery

The next day is our island hopping, glad it was not raining but it is a cloudy day, none the less it was good rather than raining. First Island is the White Sand Island, this island is so small, not quite far away from Camiguin, it’s sand is white compared to the sand of Camiguin, maybe that is why it was called White Sand. You can do snorkeling, swim of just beach bum. Considering it was a cloudy day, sometimes it’s raining, the island is kinda crowded, so I went to its side with few people, sat there and just enjoy looking the gentle giant. Next Island is my favorite, the Mantigue Island! It is a little far away from the island but it is the best. You can walk to the whole island and explore what is beyond the other side. Lucky that there is no so much crowd, the sand is as white as the sand in the White Island. You can also explore what is within the island, there is a tour guide available to tour you around the inside of Mantigue, you can see there different kinds of trees and plants that are only growing in the island. Kuya is also willing to take a picture of you so that is really awesome! Our island hopping is the best thing I did in Camiguin, a must in your itinerary. We ended the tour at around 2pm and we decided to stay in the island. My colleague and family go back to Cagayan De Oro and we stayed for one night. I am finding a cheap hotel to stay and GV Hotel is what I found. It is very affordable, P650/night for two person. We check in and have some little rest before we will have our early dinner. We asked the front desk staff at GV Hotel for a near café or restaurant and she suggest VjAndrep and it was just 10mins walk from the hotel. It was nice to walk in Mambajao and just stroll around the area. Then we found the café and beside it is a souvenir shop and a bakeshop where they baked the famous Pastel. Pastel is a bread with yemas filling, yes it is yummy! I bought some souvenir, like fridge magnet and bracelets for pasalubong. Even though the café looks expensive it was surprisingly cheap and the food is good too. I ordered sandwich and a chocolate cake, yup it is the best. Then after our early dinner, we went to the souvenir shop again to buy a pastel and we hoard because it is so cheap. (P85/box with 6pcs of pastel bread). After that we went back to the hotel, what is good about GV Hotel is that you can book your GV Hotel for the other branch. Since we are going back to CDO the next day, we pre-booked our hotel at GV, so convenient. Woke up 6am to catch the first ferry going back to CDO.

Tuasan Falls

Now, off to CDO-Bukidnon Adventure!

Your stray kid,