Qing Travels: Get To Know Baliuag and Things To Do

I’ve known Baliuag because of the Baliwag Transit but didn’t get the chance to get to know what’s in store in Baliwag Bulacan. Until I got the rare chance to tour whole Baliwag and had the amazing time exploring it with hospitable proud Baliwaguenios. So here are the things you can do, eat and visit in Bulacan

Have a taste of the Killer Okoy
Killer okoy has been famous in Baliwag because as KMJS said, once you pop… you can’t stop. It won’t kill you though but it will one of the best okoy you will taste. This okoy is an original recipe of Gloria Romero’s Catering and a crowd favorite because it is a staple handaan whenever they cater an occasion. 

Learn more of Baliwag's culture and history
Buntal hat is Baliwags pride and has been part of their culture since the old days. Now, they are preserving buntal weaving for the next generation of Baliwaguenios. Buntal hats are made with intricacy and detailed weaving. Most of the buntal waiver are senior citizens of Baliwag and will be pass to the new generation to preserve Buntal weaving. Travel through time by visiting their Lumang Munisipyo which is also a museum where you can learn more about Baliwag through time. 

Food getaways at Baliuag
Yup, Baliwag can also give you a foodgasm. Have lunch at La Familia, a restaurant offering Baliwags culinary perfect for family and friends. You can also get your dessert at Fernando’s Bakeshop, they have the best cakes and their famous pinono. How about eating a rabbit? Aven’s farm is the place, not just a farm of different kinds of fruit-bearing trees but also rabbit meat. They can cook a different kind of rabbit dishes. Maybe you would like to try cute rabbits meat.

Staycation at The Greenery
Book a staycation at The Greenery to relax after an awesome Baliwag adventure. It’s a Baliwag to America real quick vibe. The Greenery is a resort with American Style villas, have a relaxing getaway after exploring Baliwag. You'll gonna enjoy the pool and the breathtaking view, really the best choice of a staycation.

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