Paperless Post

In the modern days of internet and all digital there are so many things to innovate, even an invitation can be paperless. Here comes Paperless Post, where you can create a pretty and cool online invitation not just invitation but also cards and flyers. You can browse all their design or create your own and squeeze all your creative juices on the invitation of your special occasion.

Paperless Post helps to connect people like you family and friends who are far away from you in real life. Re imagine invitations with millions of people who use their elegant technologies and expressive designs to share their most important life occasions. Use technology to power design. All of their product is designed, developed, and deployed in-­house making sure to give us a smart and quick satisfaction on their product.
Sample envelope

All you have to do is to sign up and you will get 25 free coins. Then create your invitation, flyers and cards by browsing with their available design or upload your own. You can choose your envelope design, card design and your stamp design too. It will be personalized to include each recipient's name and response. Once done send it to all your family and friends on their email address. Reaching everyone despite their location and saving mother earth by a paperless invitation. Here I did a sample of thank you letter for my followers.

Your stray kid,