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Isla Gigantes, Carles, Iloilo

It all started in 2017, I planned to spend my late 28th birthday in Siargao Island but it turned out that I ended up in Camiguin. It was in Mantigue Island where I have that peaceful moment and realized that I would love to explore more places like this, I fell in love with travelling. In that moment, I found one thing that I want to commit myself in the right time where I can appreciate more and be grateful of every places I will visit.

Isla Gigantes, Carles, Iloilo

Bratan Lake, Bali, Indonesia

I thought I can only be in one place where I can travel to one places to another. I thought I am fine with few people but I can travel to meet a lot of interesting people with different cuture and life. I thought I can just be a better person but I can more that just a better person. When I thought I have nothing but I can have more. All of this things are all the things that I learned through travelling and most importantly there are two words that travel taught me: I CAN.

Dingalan, Aurora

Sipalay, Negros Occidental

Travel because we can,