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Travelling is expensive, that's what I thought but I have proved this wrong. When friends are asking how much I spend on my domestic travel they will always ask, "How I did it?". Saving a penny while traveling is possible. Well, here I am giving you some tips and what I do to have a budget-friendly trip. Everything is based on my experience and some I learned from other travelers too. 

Booked your stay at least one month or 2 weeks prior travel
I am not sure about you guys but as a frequent traveler, I just noticed that stay is cheaper if you book far from your date of stay. When it comes to travel I always prepare my itinerary one month before my travel and then I will start finding a stay in Agoda before booking. My criteria are always, cheap and with good location.

Be a loyal customer to a stay/hotel booking site.
If you are following me for a while you will know that I am a big fan of Agoda and I have been a VIP member (well because I've been booking my stay to them ever since). Being a VIP member most of the stay is discounted compared to a new member. I have proved this when I compared it to my friend who just signed up to Agoda.


Booked a homestay rather than a hotel (with free water and coffee).
One reason is that you just need a place to have a comfortable sleep. A hectic itinerary will just waste your hotel booking as you don't have extra time to enjoy its services. I will not pay a room for 1k/night just to sleep. Plus, make reading reviews a habit when choosing homestay. Other travelers opt for a Couchsurfing, just another option you might want to try.

Score a Piso fare and book promo flight.
Cheap flights are cheap! Just right for a budget-friendly trip and you just need to be patient when booking. Plus tips: Booked in the middle of the week, I noticed that flights are cheaper. 

Eat at a local karinderia.
I am for eating like a local vibe and you can taste lutong bahay food to karinderia. If you want to try a restaurant, here is a tipid tip: dedicate just one meal for that restaurant. 

Try your best to have a budget goal per day.
This should be considered in your planning phase palang, from pamasahe, stay and food. Having a budget will help you a lot and you will avoid spending extra that will ruin your fund for the whole trip. 


Always bring your water bottle/tumbler.
This is a must especially when you are in an island hopping, most of the time bottled water on an island is 2-3 times the price tag. What I do is I always refill my bottle/tumbler in karinderia, so far I never experienced diarrhea. Hahaha!

Pack everything you need properly.
Properly packing the things you need most to avoid buying it as extra. Buying bits and bobs will give you extra cash out on your planned budget. 

That's a wrap, I hope that this will help you on your next travel. 

P.S. I will update this to add more. 

Travel because WE CAN!