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Being a fashion-forward individual, packing light when traveling is a hard task. Travelling makes you excited to bust out your clothes and style them for that awesome OOTD. I am sure that you will agree that fashion makes your pictures more likely to be perfect but living in a suitcase for a week will require you to minimize your closet or rather having 5 outfits for 5 days’ travel. Let us also consider that extra baggage you will pay on your flight. I know that feeling because I am also an over-packer but ending up not wearing everything in my baggage but over the years I am learning the basics and how to pack light without sacrificing my outfit.

Review your Itinerary Before Packing
Familiarize yourself with the places you will visit from day one to the end. This will help you to prepare what kind of clothes you will bring. You need to layout the activities and places for the whole itinerary. In that case, you will know what to bring for a land tour, island hopping tour or any activities you have.

Plan your outfits
I think this is a helpful hack for everyone, what you need to do is plan your outfit from top to bottom (accessories if you have) and fold them together. Do this outfit plan for the entire itinerary. You will just grab it on your luggage and you will have a complete outfit then accessorized if necessary.


Avoid denim and go for lightweight bottoms
Denim will eat up a lot of space and weight on your luggage which is not the goal of this post. Always go for leggings, skirts or dresses, these pieces are also comfortable when you are always on the go.

Bring One only rule
Bring one only rule is just me making it up. This means that there are necessary clothes that you should just bring one (except if you are going to cold places). This is jackets, hats, scarfs, shoes, carry-on bags and sandals. You don't need two or more than of these pieces, trust me.

Learn to mixed and match
Experimenting with what clothes you have by mixing and matching is a good way to have different OOTDs when you are traveling. Have some basic clothes because they are easy to mix and match with florals or stripes pieces.

Be a dress person
You are lucky if you love dresses because in just one piece of clothing you have a whole outfit plus dresses always come in handy. Wearing dresses also are perfect in photos. 


The organization is the key
It is important to learn the art of organization as this is a great help in packing. I am very particular with how I fold my stuff so I can fit all in my bag. Having an organization bag that you can purchase in Shopee or Lazada will also make your packing easier to organized.

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