My Top 5 Philippine Provinces for Solo Women Travelers - Qing Travels

My-Top-5-Philippine-Provinces-for-Solo-Women-Travellers - Qing-Travels
Dinagat Island

It is true that Philippines has the best places to travel, from Luzon, Visayas to Mindanao our country has a lot of places to offer. You will have unlimited breathtaking and must-visit destinations to tick off. Even though you have that planned travel and you shared it with your friends there are some things will surely happen: 1.) Interested at first but week after they will back out 2.) Interested but don't have money and lastly 3.) Interested, booked a flight but will ruin your travel. Yup, I experienced this a lot and most often is the number 1 reason so I am ending up to be solo traveling. Since experience is the best teacher here are my top 5 provinces to visit if you are a solo women traveler.

My-Top-5-Philippine-Provinces-for-Solo-Women-Travellers - Qing-Travels
Coconut Road in Siargao

I am always hearing the word "I want to find the place na babalik-balikan ko." I guess this word that many have Said was answered. Yes, it's Siargao! Siargao has been known for so many Filipinos and around the world. At first, I thought I was just dragged and influenced by what I see and what I heard about the island but experiencing it for myself will change everything! If you want an ultimate island life, I guess Siargao is for you! Locals are so chill, kind and hospitable and I've met many of them. They are more willing to introduce to you their home and what is more of their home. 

Bantayan, Cebu
My first solo travel is in Cebu and I really enjoyed it so much even if it took me 5 hrs to reach the island. With so many beaches to choose from

My-Top-5-Philippine-Provinces-for-Solo-Women-Travellers - Qing-Travels
Cabugao Gamay, Isla De Gigantes
Iloilo City
The City of Love will surely capture your heart as Iloilo City is one of the safest places to do solo traveling. The perfect hub to reach Panay and other neighboring provinces. With many historical places to see and friendly locals that will help you with extra miles. Never miss Iloilo if you are planning your solo travel. 

My-Top-5-Philippine-Provinces-for-Solo-Women-Travellers - Qing-Travels
Bahay na Bato/Pebble Beach, La Union
La Union
If you love long travels, La Union is one of the places perfect for solo travel. You have a lot of places to visit and things to do. La Union is one of the travel-friendly places in the Philippines, whatever your trips are. Surfing, waterfalls, food trips, nightlife and a lot more that you will surely enjoy. 

Zambales (Liwliwa)
If you want the beach, surf and relax Liwliwa is the place for you. Just few hours drive away from Manila this place is perfect for your solo traveler soul. Unlike other beaches, Liwliwa is more of a place to escape the busy life or you want to soul search. Just pitch your tent and have that beer for yourself while watching the golden sunset.

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