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Hi, I am Qing Pineda and welcome to my blog. Qing's Style was born on Feb 03, 2014 before finishing my BS Degree. My passion for fashion and dressing up are my inspiration in putting up this blog. In my teen years, I am a girl who lacks a lot of things especially clothes and shoes. I can still remember that I can only have new clothes every Christmas for my pamasko. Also, I can only have shoes if someone from my relatives give me their pre-loved shoes. Back then, I am a mess up (baduy) little girl and I promised to myself that someday I can have any clothes and shoes I want. In my early days of college, I have enough allowance to save money for clothes and started building my own closet. That is the time when I started experimenting trends, I became a trendsetter in our school. After I finished my Associate, I moved to a new University for my brand new world and decided to join Chictopia. Chictopia is my first step in blogsphere, it is my source of fashion inspiration and met a lot of fashion forward individuals who really work their best.

Way back Feb 2014, I decided to create my own fashion blog and Qing's Style was born. I manage to post outfit while doing my thesis. When I started working on my first job I also manage to update my blog. It is a tough work because I am a one man team, no photographer... I'm just setting up my tripod and it is still what I am doing right now to run my beloved blog.

I created Qing's Style to document my outfit, share ideas and inspire girls to be more confident. I've been in a midst of finding my own self in the past so I am hoping that in this simple way I can help a messed up girl to be more confident of what they are wearing.

Blogging passionately with a purpose since 2014.

"Fashion is your creative self, be yourself, step up and own it"
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