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I am Qing Pineda, a blogger who mainly blogs about fashion, travel and lifestyle who wants to help brands to enhance their market presence by providing advertising through my personal blogs and social media network, this is also a great way to also reach my growing list of followers. It would be an honor and pleasure to work with brands in marketing  products to a wider customer base (social media network). Given a chance, I can prove our value for your brand by providing and delivering a specific marketing plan aiming to reach more customers.

·         Social Media Shout outs

o    Post curated photos looking fab wearing the items to our social media accounts. We want our followings to have the opportunity to purchase the items to your store.

·         Feature brand’s product to our personal blog by writing

o   Review: giving our thoughts, opinion, experience (while shopping and wearing the clothes) and quality of the item

o   Pictures wearing and styling the items

o   Includes brand information (contact number, store location, where to find and purchase the item)

o   All photos will posted on the blog (store, displayed items etc.)

o   The brand reserve the right to use any photo and information on the blog

·         Provide curated photos to the brand

o   Will provide curated photos to the brand so they can use them on their social media networks.

o   Brands can also repost any related social media shout outs in our social media accounts

·         Other suggestions:

o   Giveaways: By hosting a giveaway to our followers and the price will provided by the brand. This is a great way to reach more potential customers, grow social media followings and market the brand more. By setting up certain rules for the giveaway such as, reposting/sharing, liking and tagging friends.

o   Coupon: provide coupons to customer and share the coupon on our blog/social media. Example: Give coupon code where customers can avail by repost/sharing, liking and tagging friends.

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